The origin and history of the name
The origin and history of the name
Fenty The name and its origins
Fenty       The name and its origins


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  • Alexander Fenton (Monday, November 06 23 12:44 am GMT)

    When my father, George Fenton, born in Aberdeen 1920, found his father's birth certificate in the 1980's he discovered that his father, also George (born, I believe in the 1980's) had been a Fenty. Although he was always know as Fenton, and we can find no record of a formal change of name. Did many Fentys change their name?

  • Russ Fenty (Wednesday, October 25 23 12:23 am BST)

    Thank you for so many details of my surname origins.
    Family origins
    Barbados —yes Rihanna’s 4th cousin
    Panama-great grandfathers post during building of canal.
    Jamaica-where my great grandfather wed.
    USA-1923 migrated to USA
    I have connected with many Fenty clan members throughout the US-UK-BWI, South America , and Cuba.

    My uncle Phillip V is the family historian.
    I help him when I come across new information.

    He has told me of the are in Scotland the name arose. With varying types of spelling.
    The tale of two Fenty brothers arriving in Barbados from Scotland. Perhaps a shipwreck on the rocky side of the island.
    I will send a link of this informative , and enlightening site.

    Thank you!



  • Stephen Thomas (Monday, May 03 21 12:30 pm BST)

    Hello my name is Stephen Thomas and I live in South Wales UK. My great grandfather James Fentie was born in 1856 and my grandmother, Jane Fentie was born in 1892 in Fraserborough, Aberdeenshire. My mother Jeannie Fentie Rennie was born in 1922 in New Pitsligo but she moved to South Wales when she married my father.
    I would be very interested in sharing information between ourselves if you would be happy to do so.
    Regards Stephen

  • Deborah Lawton (nee. Fenty) (Monday, December 21 20 03:06 am GMT)

    Our family has been trying to find out more about our name (Fenty) and it’s origins. I’m excited to come across your site!
    Would you know anything about James Fenty (Scottish mason). We are told that he travelled to Canada. He worked on the very large Banff Springs hotel in Banff, Alberta. He eventually moved to Saskatoon and built a stone bridge and a stone cairn to honour the settlers to the city. He is my Great Grandfather. My grandfather was William Fenty, my father Robert(Bob) Alexander Fenty. My brother is Brent Terell Fenty.

    We were told by a Barbadian Fenty, who was working in Calgary, Alberta, that my great grandfather’s uncle was a merchant sailor who settled in Barbados and was the start of the Fenty’s there. We’d like to know if anyone knows more about this?
    Brad Fenty, comment below on your webpage, looks like we are related! It would be great to connect.

  • Brad Fenty (Friday, September 06 19 04:32 am BST)

    This is the first time I ever saw anything about the Fenty’s my Great Grandfather was a Stone mason from Aberdeen and came to Canada and worked on Lake Louis Hotel and tea house, building the memorial gates in Saskatoon in front of RuH hospital. Lots of others... I play the bagpipes and solo at Canada’s largest indoor Remembrance day ceremony and l
    Pipe major the Legion 63 pipe and drum band

  • Cheryl Fentie (Thursday, May 30 19 09:30 pm BST)

    My father is Gordon Fentie born in Tillsonburg, Ontario'Canada.
    Looking for relatives in Scotland.

  • Edward Moran (Thursday, April 25 19 08:04 pm BST)

    My grandfather , Arthur Cameron Fenty, was born in Barbados. Any cousins seeing this ?

  • Erskine Fenty (Wednesday, January 16 19 09:48 pm GMT)

    Thank you for this information

  • Bibi Syrrakos (Monday, September 03 18 07:48 pm BST)

    Thank you for this beautiful website. I referenced it in a presentation on the origin of name of Robyn Rihanna Fenty, the popular singer, as a means to introduce migration and sugar production to my students at City College in New York...a fascinating history. Have also walked Hadrian's Wall, with the Picts on the other side! One day make it to Scotland.

  • Kathy English (Sunday, March 18 18 03:35 pm GMT)

    I love hearing where my Fenty family was originally from in
    scotland to Barbados My Great Grand father was a John
    edward Fenty born in Barbados came to NY died in 1929

  • william fenty (Wednesday, December 20 17 07:43 pm GMT)

    good info

  • Kathy English (Tuesday, November 14 17 12:46 am GMT)

    I am the Great Grandaughter of William Edward Fenty born and died in Barbados.

  • Cheryl Fentie (Friday, November 03 17 11:57 pm GMT)

    Enjoyed learning more about my ancestry.
    Want to visit Scotland soon.

  • Erskine Fenty (Sunday, May 14 17 07:43 pm BST)

    Interesting to read about the history

  • Phillip Vincent Fenty (Tuesday, January 31 17 01:11 am GMT)

    Phillip Fenty been researching Fenty name for 50 years. Have been to Aberdeen, Banff, and Portsoy. Thanks for site.

  • Brianna Marie Fenty (Tuesday, September 13 16 12:21 am BST)

    I've just arrived to Edinburgh to pursue my postgraduate degree for one year, and this site has provided invaluable information to begin my journey in discovering my family's history. Cheers!

  • Phillip Fenty (Sunday, October 04 15 06:48 pm BST)

    I've often wondered about the origins of the Fenty name. My father came from Barbados where the name is quite common. Not common in the other Caribbean i
    Islands. Its good to know that it is Scots in origin - THANK YOU!

  • Phillip Fenty (Thursday, July 30 15 01:21 am BST)

    Terrific site plan to visit in Sept, 2015

  • Phillip Fenty (Thursday, July 30 15 01:19 am BST)

    This site is terrific, planning to visit in early Sept. 2015

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