The origin and history of the name
The origin and history of the name
Fenty The name and its origins
Fenty       The name and its origins

Recorded shipwrecks

Dangerous waters



  • Kitty Laws                                           Lugger                 19th C
  • Favourite                                            Smack                  19th C
  • Pioneer                                               Ketch                   19th C
  • Marchioness                                        Craft                    19th C
  • Marchioness of Huntley                        Smack                  19th C
  • Fame                                                   Craft                   18th C
  • Acre                                                    Craft                   19th C
  • Eva                                                     Schooner             19th C
  • Argo                                                    Schooner             19th C
  • Success                                                Craft                  19th C
  • Catherine                                             Sloop                  19th C
  • Unknown                                              Brig                    19th C
  • Linnet                                                   Schooner            19th C
  • Wigeon                                          Armed Schooner         19th C


This is a far from comprehensive list of wrecks from the days of sail.  How many more went unrecorded and how many were in the centuries, indeed, millenia that preceded records when the sea was the highway of the world?

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